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Psychic SylviaMy name is Sylvia; I am the founder and president of Divine Inspirations Inc. It is my hope to assist you in the way of professional consulting and individual life coaching counseling services with the benefit of my professional education and God given prophetic abilities. I have been working with clients for nearly 35 years now, both nationally and internationally.  I love what I do!  I am dedicated to my clients and find my work fullfilling.
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Best American Psychics

Best American Psychics


I Specialize in “time frames” for events to happen

    • Career Advancements/Changes
    • Executive Career Coaching
    • Financial questions/Investment questions
    • Business Merger and Acquisition questions
    • Are my business partners honest?
    • What will the outcome of my court case be?
    • Will I get custody of my children?
    • *ALL relationship questions- such as:
    • Is he/she my soulmate?
    • Is he/she right for me?
    • Is he/she being honest?
    • Is he/she being faithful to me?
    • Same sex relationship questions
    • Is my husband/wife/partner having an affair?
    • Leaving an abusive relationship
    • Remote viewing
    • Questions about deceased loved ones
    • Removal of negative spirits from property.
    • Medical intuitive questions
    • Pet intuitive-lost pets/health issues
    • Locating any lost object- purse etc.
    • Major Life Changes and More…

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Client Feedback

“Sylvia has been reading for me for the past few years. She has always been very quick and accurate. The best part is that she sincerely cares for her clients. Her intuitiveness and her compassion is a wonderful combination which is very hard to find. She is an amazing woman!”


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Scheduled appointments enable us both to get and give a better reading as It provides a mutual time where our main focus will be on you and your situation, hopefully without any interruptions in energy.

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