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  New Article: How can I learn to "see" things for myself ? How can I trust what I feel inside is true, yet cannot prove?

In my years and work as a professional psychic, I often get asked by my clients how they can learn to "see" things for themselves or IF that is even possible to do.... "Are we all capable of being psychic?" and if so, the next question asked is, "How can I really trust what I feel inside or what is shown to me in a dream or pops in my head as a flash like a picture?"

I am happy to tell you all YES!, we are all psychic in differing degrees and born with those abilities, only few develop them more fully and some of us are born with extreme levels of psychic ability or they are made more intense from severe life circumstances, often near death experiences.

As I explain more about this, I will give you tools to help you develop these skills and also to further strengthen the ones you do have already for those of you who already experience "seeing" things that come to pass, or having dreams or other forms of experiences that manifest into reality down the line.

Prayer is a big part of my daily practice as a seer of future events and circumstances. I do not like to be called "Religious", as I am not; I consider myself spiritual and God guided in my core being and I give all credit to God for ALL things I am shown for clients or guided to tell clients about their lives. That said, the first item we will discuss in the process of seeking the ability to "see" things for ourselves is the need for a dialogue with God, your higher power, or the name you recognize as the supreme being in your life... Source.
Our connection to Source/God/Higher being etc. is the vital connection to our higher self and higher levels of consciousness and information beyond our 5 natural human senses. In this day and age we are living currently, it is vitally necessary that we develop/evolve into beings that use the God-given 6th senses and beyond which many times are just now awakening to in our lives. Wanting to develop your intuition and own 6th+ senses begins with prayer and meditation, but at very least begin with prayer.

I ask to me shown daily what it is I need to know about my own life that I do not currently naturally see on my own... I ask to be shown any deceptions and self-deceptions that may be in operation in my life or my client’s lives and I have found over the years that the premise I must be most concerned with is self-deception! So many of us deceive ourselves into believing the "reality" we are living under is something quite other than what it really is. Who does this benefit? NO ONE! In fact maintaining self-deception can lead to us being taken WAY off God's track, plan or purpose for our lives, or cause us to stay or live in less than loving relationships, bad work environments, keep "friends" who are really an abomination to our well-being. You see, when we actively chose to maintain a self-deception in our lives, we actively chose to live a LIE! Why would ANYONE do that you ask? Well, it is simple... sometimes the need to make changes and face the lies we are living under is far more terrifying than continuing to live and maintain "The Lie". It takes great courage to face our fears and make changes, but doing so allows us to live a much richer fuller satisfying life and have love we never dreamed possible in our lives. If we pray and ask God to reveal to us what we MUST know and also any deceptions or self-deceptions that we are a part of or involved in, or living under we remove the first blocks to what I call "Divine Insight". Divine Insight/ Intuition/ 6th sense insight is our birthright as a child of God, Source- the most high.

After you have prayed to ask that all deception and self-deception be revealed and removed from your reality... LOOK OUT! Things will rapidly begin to unfold and change around you and you may experience dreams, visions, flashes of future events or gut level instincts that turn out to be SPOT ON. Pay close attention to your dreams, hunches, urges to check up on things, pictures that pop into your mind/head when you are not necessarily focusing on any particular thing... Look, listen, write down dreams that may not make instant sense to you, but are disturbing in content. I have found often that when a client asks me a question, they are already aware on some level of the answer before they ask me and my answer is a confirmation of what God has already been trying to show them, only they did not recognize the information or were so disturbed by it that they pushed the TRUTH out of their heads in an effort to avoid often painful realities in their own lives.

Pay attention to all information you receive when you are not necessarily focused on people, spouses, kids, co-workers etc. and it pops into your head, you have a flash like a picture in your mind, or a dream.... THESE ARE DIVINE INSIGHTS. The important part of this equation are things that happen or are shown to you when (you are not focused or thinking on them!!!) There is a huge difference between obsessing on a person and or situation and not at all thinking about a person or situation, yet you are being bombarded with information you have no explanation for.

Next, it is important to learn to TRUST what information you are shown and LOOK, LISTEN, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the given details and process the information with an open heart and mind-seeking truth in all matters. Remember, "Ask and ye shall receive" is a Biblical promise. If you ask to be shown what you need to know and to have things revealed to you, then expect that it IS going to happen and don't be too shocked when IT DOES. This principle applies to any areas you may wish to know information on.... a new job, a questionable friend or co-worker, a cheating spouse, a lost item, an investment choice etc.

When you experience an answer to your request for insight into your life situations, give thanks to God for those answers. Learn to trust what information you are given, learn to trust your inner self, which is also often called your higher self. God will ALWAYS make sure you know what you need to if you trust in his guidance for your life. We benefit not when we seek self-direction without his guidance and insights for our life. The beauty of our creator is that he/she gave us free-will to choose what and who we wish to have in our lives, but in doing so he/she also gave us the right and ability to destroy our life by making self-defeating choices that are ultimately destructive to us. Remember, choosing to be spiritually awake is much better than choosing to be "asleep at the wheel of your life" or dead to reality of the lie around you.

Please understand that it is equally important you know how to protect yourself against spiritual attack as it is to have divine insight, so when I tell you about the books and audio CD I recommend to help guide you to develop your own abilities to know and see with God's help, you also need to learn how to surround yourself with protection and how to recognize spiritual attacks. I will include that information below in the links to appropriate books and CD's.

I highly recommend a few books and an audio CD for opening up your spiritual insights/ abilities to “see” things for yourself. I will post the links for them below and you may copy and paste them into your browser window to order your own copies. Note: all the links are for www.half.com, a very low cost website.


*Book by Dr. Doreen Virtue, "The Lightworker's Way"


*Audio CD by Dr. Doreen Virtue, "Chakra Clearing"- a separate guided morning + evening meditation that is very powerful in opening up your abilities to "see"


*Book by Robert Bruce, "Practical Psychic Self-defense" Understanding and surviving unseen forces.



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