Psychic SylviaMy name is Sylvia; I am the founder and president of Divine Inspirations Inc. It is my hope to assist you in the way of professional consulting and individual executive life coaching counseling services with the benefit of my prophetic abilities and educational background. I am a Christian and my readings reflect this, but I NEVER push religion on anyone or judge, period! God did not place me here to be your judge and jury. I am here to accept and respect you as I lovingly channel God's messages through me for you- Information he has given me for your life path and future. I also highly recommend ALL books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, specifically, "The Astonishing Power  of Emotions". Virtually life changing text. Another excellent recommendation of mine is, "Heart of the Soul" by Gary Zukav

I am educated to be an attorney and also have an undergraduate degree in social and behavioral sciences from Linfield college of McMinnville Oregon (2001) and my Doctorate of Law (Attorney) from Seattle University School of law, Seattle Washington (2003). Additionally, I am an Ordained Minister and have officiated at weddings. However, it is my extremely accurate prophetic gifts (God given abilities to foresee future events and past) that draws most people to my services.

I have advised people from all walks of life or ethnic origins through my abilities. I have been a consultant to Fortune 500 company executives, Hollywood executives, Hollywood stars, or small and large business owners. I am capable of advising in ALL areas that one may need answers for. I have assisted in business acquisitions, the hiring or firing of employees in executive positions, weeding out dishonest potential business partners and unethical employees or revealing unfaithful spouses. I have also advised with extreme accuracy as to stock market investment opportunities and dates for market movements up and down on stocks or metals.

I have been working with clients for over 35 years now, both nationally and internationally. I began offering web based clairvoyant consulting through Keen.com in early 2003, then subcontracting my services through 2 other web-based companies besides my own. I can still be found on Keen.com, but at considerably higher rates, ($14.99/Min) as I am required to pay them 55% off the top of any earnings on their site. You are welcome to find me there and read client feedback, which is left on a daily basis. You can find me here on Keen.com. My private reading rates are as low as $4.80/min. for "blocks" of time.

I Specialize in pinpoint accurate “time frames” for events to happen.

    • Career Advancements/Changes
    • Executive Career Coaching
    • Financial questions/Investment questions
    • Business Merger and Acquisition questions
    • Are my business partners honest?
    • What will the outcome of my court case be?
    • Will I get custody of my children?
    • *ALL relationship questions- such as:
    • Is he/she my soulmate?
    • Is he/she right for me?
    • Is he/she being honest?
    • Is he/she being faithful to me?
    • Same sex relationship questions
    • Is my husband/wife/partner having an affair?
    • Leaving an abusive relationship
    • Remote viewing
    • Questions about deceased loved ones
    • Removal of negative spirits from property
    • Medical intuitive questions
    • Pet intuitive- lost pets/health problems
    • Locating any lost object-credit cards etc.
    • Major Life Changes and More…

Please just ask whatever questions you might have. I have been asked everything under the sun, even questions about:

    • What is my boyfriend doing right now?
    • What is wrong with a car?
    • Where did I leave my camera?
    • Where did I lose my wedding ring at?
    • Why is my dog/cat acting strangely?
    • Why is my pet sick/what is wrong?
    • How will my new job interview go?
    • Etc.

I am always ethical, kind and compassionate to everyone. I respect how sensitive your situation may be. Whether it is business or personal, knowing I will take all you ask seriously and with full confidentiality at all times.

I prefer to walk in the light and glory of God’s own truth given to me though the Holy Spirit, Archangels, Angels and our Lord above. I have been blessed by God since I was a very young child to be able to know information that is not accessible to most human beings. I believe these gifts were with me since birth, but a near death experience as a child about 3 years of age brought out these prophetic gifts more strongly. Prophetic abilities run on both sides of my family for generations and my mother has always referred to her own abilities as “God talking to her”.

I have seen a great deal of turmoil in Christian communities and circles about the wording “psychic.” I would simply say it this way. The gifts of prophesy did not die with the prophets of old, those of Bible times. I believe God gifted ALL of us with prophetic (foreknowledge) ability to know/receive information about the future or future events. However, some individuals have either been born with God's gifting and developed intensely accurate abilities so that we may be of assistance and encouragement to others on their life path through use of prophetic abilities. The word designation of prophetic versus psychic is secular versus Biblical, with the word “psychic” being more widely recognized and understood publically/secularly as the ability to know undisclosed information about others, places, objects or future events. I may use the term “psychic” for wider public recognition reasons; but I ONLY give credit to God for my prophetic abilities as a vessel to receive and share information outside of the normal channels and from higher heavenly sources. I have NEVER practiced witchcraft or spells of any kind and I DO NOT use tools of divination of ANY KIND to aid me in the information I receive or give to others. I take my work very serious and pray/meditate daily prior to working with my clients. Prophetic intuitive gifts require a tremendous responsibility because I am dealing with people’s lives and not just trivial matters.

God gave me my gifts to assist you on your life path or in your business. The information I provide you with will enable you to be well informed for your decisions and choices in your life; I can’t think of anything more important. My integrity and reputation are imperative to the success of my business! Therefore, I will attempt at all times to give you detailed, specific answers, descriptions and time frames as possible to your questions. Are you ready to empower yourself and change your life for the better? Give me a call and I will supply you with the detailed specific answers you need today, so you can make better informed choices NOW.

Please note: I am best with specific and direct questions. I do not give ”general readings” as this would be a huge waste of your valuable time and money. General readings flood my senses, causing me to receive information which is all over the map, rather than specific, clear, concise detailed answers for your immediate needs. *I am highly accurate with the information I receive, resulting in repeat satisfied clients.

On another note, if you are searching for enlightenment in your spiritual self, I would be delighted to assist you with that as well. Sometimes we forget, it all begins with our relationship to the inner self.

Peace and happiness are generated from within, not external to us. No one is responsible for your happiness more than you. I am honored and delighted to be a part of this spiritual process with you.

Intuitive readings are not intended to stand alone or take the place of a professional’s advice, such as a counselor, medical doctor or lawyer. All parties who call should be 18 or older. Please use common sense with any advice or guidance you are given. You are the driver in your life, God has given you free will choice and your actions ARE your responsibility. NOTHING replaces your faith in God and your own prayers in addition to mine, so hold firm to the faith within your heart and never lose sight of that faith, no matter how difficult your circumstances are! God will NEVER abandon you, even when humans let you down.

I look forward to reading/consulting for you and sincerely wish you peace on your life path!

Blessings always,