Client Feedback

“I have been a client of Sylvia’s for about 8 months now and she is the best. She has helped me through some very rough waters. She has given me courage to face what is ahead and even gave me names of books to read to help me understand myself and how to cope with disappointments. She is a true inspiration to anyone that calls her. Also she is very accurate.”


“I count Sylvia as a true friend, and confidante, her psychic abilities allowed me to focus on what was really important in my relationship with my girlfriend. I highly recommend Sylvia, she is an amazing advisor to everyone, no matter their personal love choices.”

Ann Marie – New York

“Sylvia is very kind and caring. When you call her, it’s like talking to a close friend. She is friendly, but doesn’t waste your money with idle chit chat. She’s been able to explain things to me in a way to calm me down when I’ve gotten upset about things.”

Marylot – Kansas

“I’ve know Sylvia for almost 4 years now, and she was always honest with me about the situation I was inquiring about. When she told me things I didn’t want to hear, I went to other psychics that did just the opposite; telling me what I wanted to hear. If only I would have listened to Sylvia’s insight and knowledge, I would have saved myself from so much heartache and pain, not to mention money. Sylvia also cares about her clients. She really listened to me and even recommended books to read. She listened as I cried and offered so much support. I cannot say enough good things about Sylvia and her gifts. God Bless you Syl.”

Shae – Minnesota

“I believe Sylvia to be one of the best readers I have ever encountered. She offers so much to her clients, from highly intuitive advice on all life matters, to guidance on self help material for us to research and discover on our own, to just becoming a great and trustworthy friend. She is fixed more on context in opposed to content, giving her all, in all directions of knowledge and understanding in an integrous manner. A must call for all….

Jess - Maui, Hawaii

“Sylvia has been reading for me for the past few years. She has always been very quick and accurate. The best part is that she sincerely cares for her clients. Her intuitiveness and her compassion is a wonderful combination which is very hard to find. She is an amazing woman!”


“As a longtime client of Sylvia’s, I’d just like to say that there’s no one quite like her. She’s warm & wonderful, knowledgeable & kind. A reading with her is like talking with your best friend, who happens to know all the inside scoop on whoever or whatever you’re asking about! Most often right & surprisingly so, she comes up with ideas that are unexpected, but always effective. I have trusted her insight for some time now & will continue to do so. Give her a try, call today!”

Tina – California

“To whom this may concern, Sylvia is my 6th man (woman), she has always been the voice of clarity, insight and scary accuracy. She has provided the added guidance to go forth, and live my life very powerfully, I consider her an invaluable asset as I go on. Thank you so much!

Chris Pallas – Florida

“I met Sylvia several years ago through Keen and fell in love with her! Her predictions time after time have come to pass. She is completely honest and straight forward and will really guide you in the worst and best situations. Her timing with predictions was right on and what I like most about her is her loyalty to her clients and it’s never about money. She makes everyone feel very special that comes into her path. I recommend to everyone that you call her and give a try. Much love!!! ”

Kim – California

“Sylvia has been a fantastic spiritual guide in my life, offering angelic advice and accurate readings. Whenever I need help clarifying a situation, whether it’s with my career, health, or relationships, she has truly been a shining light. I feel very blessed to have her as a guide.”

Victoire - California