Even Intuitives Need Help

Even Intuitives get prophetic readings from other intuitive readers. We don’t always see things for ourselves so well. A colleague in the prophetic field named Cyndall (Now gone home to be with the Lord in 2018, God bless her, she blessed so many lives) put it best when she made the statement below and I agree completely with her because it also applied to my life and past use of prophetic readers before I became more grounded.

~A quote and article with permission from fellow Intuitive prophetess, Cyndall.

Quote from Cyndall: It is so easy to get hooked on calling psychics, sometimes we read in the feedbacks how this and this happened for everyone but nothing happens for us, not even the small things. What’s wrong here? When I first started calling, nothing happened for me, not even the little things much less the big things I was waiting for. I would see feedback after feedback all saying “it happened!” and nothing happened for me. The psychics could tell me all about my past and read situations so well but nothing they predicted happened for me. This was disturbing. Finally I had to look inward to what might be wrong with me.

1. I was dwelling.
2. I had an addictive personality and would have spent all my money calling if things happened.
3. I was trusting in psychics NOT in God.
4. I was waiting all the time and not growing by doing what I could.
5. I was praying the wrong way, prayers of fear, not faith.


I went to work on myself for months before I ever called anyone again. Then things started happening for me. So read my site before calling. Be honest with yourself and make the changes you need to make. (End Quote)