Calling a Intuitive/prophetess

When calling a prophetic person, try to be calm. When you are highly emotional or angry it is much harder to “see” for you. For those of you who call back again for updates, I do readings /consultations for many people, so I rarely remember every detail of a reading as it flows through me. Please do not be offended.  I NEVER take notes of readings because I feel this is not necessary if a reader is genuinely gifted.  Do not worry. God always brings back to me what needs to be recovered in a reading that may have been touched on in a previous reading /consultation.

Never lie to your Intuitive/prophetess. It will make the reading unreliable. We are not here to judge, just to help. If your intent is to deceive me or play games, your reading will reflect this. In any reading there are possible outcomes & scenarios, YOU and anyone else involved in the situation have free will, choice, and may choose a different path, which could make the predicted outcome change. This is a common occurrence with TIME. The only simple answer is that the only place time is measurable is in our own world, ruled by clocks and calendars. I get my information from a place where time has little meaning. Try not being as hung up on this as you are the accuracy of the reading. I do however specialize in time frame’s for events and have been truly blessed to be accurate with time frame’s.